Marketing PREMIUM Plan


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a powerful digital marketing service that increases your reach/traffic by advertising on social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Wikipedia, snap chat, Tik Tok, etc building a stronger brand presence. This is one of the main reason social media has gained a lot of popularity as investing in social media marketing can actually build brand visibility and is the only way to reach a vast audience in a short time. It is becoming a more effective tool than TV advertisements.
We help you in developing a strong brand presence by penetrating huge customer segments on social media networks in engaging the right target audience for your business. We develop a strong SMM strategy to execute your brand awareness campaigns for effective reminders and reinforcements about your brand.

As a leading Social Media Marketing firm in Pakistan, we hire top experts for graphic designers, content strategists, and social media marketing managers to create engaging campaigns. We combine efforts to make your brand stand out firmly against your competitor. You need a quality team to create strong engaging posts for different social media platforms in GIF, videos, infographics, and simple posts and here we help you achieve an impressive result.

Our team remains active 24/7 on every available social platform offering social media marketing services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Wikipedia, Youtube, etc.


Top social media marketing company experienced of running over 100 effective campaigns. We have achieved landmarks and great results for our clients by building effective brand awareness campaigns through Social Media making us amongst the best social media marketing companies focusing on making your online business identity and we can say Social media has brought revolutionary changes in customers buying methods which shocks us in the results we achieved.


Today, customers want to access a lot of information about the products and services. Therefore, offering them easy access to information, connecting with them, interacting with them and bringing all these through different platforms is important for businesses to build trust among customers. Getting complete marketing services, enables you to promote your services and products on a large scale.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Great Social Media Marketing Services will cost you from PKR 80,000 per month that enhances your brand presence on all social media network in engaging targeted audiences on all social media networks at affordable SMM packages on all digital platforms. Our recommended strategy for SMM packages must require a website or a landing page to deliver excellent engagements and results.

AttributesSMM Gold PlanSMM Platinum PlanSMM PREMIUM Plan
Affordable SMO cost per monthPKR 28,000 per monthPKR 53,000 per monthPKR 80,000 per month

FACEBOOK Marketing

Facebook Fan Page CreationYesYesYes
Facebook Regular Weekly UpdatesYesYesYes
Facebook Profile Avatar DesignOnce a weekOnce a weekTwice a week
Facebook Timeline Image DesignYesYesYes
Facebook Posting15 post monthly20 post  monthly30 post monthly
Facebook Page Likes1502501000

TWITTER Marketing

Twitter Page CreationYesYesYes
Regular Weekly UpdatesYesYesYes
Twitter Background DesignYesYesYes
Twitter Posting2 post in a week4 post in a week7 post in a week
Twitter Followers5075300

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Page CreationYesYesYes
Regular Weekly UpdatesYesYesYes
Instagram Posting2 post in a week4 post in a week7 post in a week
Instagram Followers5075400



How to get content for social media

Fresh social media content is a key challenge our team works hard to formulate an effective long-term social media strategy. We create a rich variety of content to target your customers keeping in mind business goals and make social media strategy that entails a rich variety of content including images, video, text, etc. Similarly, we also help create shareable content that has the potential to go viral on the web and boost awareness about your business.

How we keep your customers engaged

We try to keep things simple and engaging for customers to make a decision at the first sight. Customers’ insight always looking for value and we keep and develop content that brings real value for your customers, that builds a community for people to interact and inspire other people.

Our services among other social media companies in Pakistan are more technology forwarded and works productively to shape the future of your business in the online world. We encourage our clients to participate in the process and give their input in the campaign.

Why Social Media Marketing is important?

Currently, businesses cannot afford to miss any opportunity that social media marketing services have to offer. It does not merely offer businesses an opportunity to reach out and engage their customers but it also offers them an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. Moreover, it also presents a great opportunity for business owners to uplift their brand value in the market. Some reasons are mentioned below that will give you an understanding that why you should opt for the social media platform.


It is one of the reasons that businesses around the globe opt for social media marketing solutions as it is highly cost-effective. Despite the fact that you are reaching out to global audiences, social media is also a very cost-effective platform.

How Social Media Platform helps to grow your business

Social media Platforms can help grow your business but how we do it. The answer is easy. We work towards your brand to create a business presence look professional using designing. We establish strong link to your brand to landing pages on your website that converts leads to sales.

Among other marketing companies in Karachi, Pakistan, We at Pak Web & Marketing help businesses to create an optimal social media presence more effectively that helps them reach out to their potential customers, market services, connect with their customers and engage them to expand their market share.

At Pakistan Web & Marketing, we design and manage your entire social media campaign so that you can gain fruitful results for the progress of your business.