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Do you want to win new customers and raise awareness of your company? In many cases it is not just enough to have a business website, it has to be found. In other cases, however, horrific prices are often charged for search engine optimization.

What does search engine optimization cost? And how to choose between SEO packages that offer the best value for money?

Our SEO services include SEO audit, initial consultation and development of the measures, on-page optimization, basic off-page measures, reports and documentation are included in all SEO packages.

What do our SEO packages include?

With these SEO packages, you get all the elements that are relevant in an SEO campaign.

Market analysis

A complete analysis of your industry. Which traits are important in relation to SEO and how is the development of your target market going. Where do new opportunities and markets for your products and services arise?

Competitor analysis

We analyze competitors and check their strengths and weaknesses in terms of search engine optimization, positioning and offers. We find the gaps and use the weaknesses of the competitors. We adopt successful strategies from the competition and expand them further.

Setup of Google Search Console

In addition to website errors, the Google Search Console also informs you of internal and external links. Google also provides you with search queries that bring visitors to your website and a lot of other very interesting information in the Search Console.

Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that should be part of the standard equipment of every website and every online shop. Analytics offers you a lot of information about the visitors to your website. One of the basic functions shows you how many and where your visitors come from.

Set up Google My Business + optimization

A Google My Business account provides potential customers with important information about your company in the search results. Optimizing the My Business Account offers clear advantages in local search engine optimization.

Keyword research

All relevant keywords of your company and those of your competitors are researched and checked for relevance/strengths/weaknesses. During keyword research, we will also find new keywords that could be relevant for your customers and have not yet been used by your company.

Duplicate content review

Search engines like Google recognize duplicate content and then make it difficult for the affected page to rank well. In severe cases, the page is even excluded from the search results.

We check your website for internal and external duplicate content.

Content strategy

Using the market analysis and keyword research as a basis, we have analyzed the content with which you can really score points with your customers and with Google. In the area of content marketing, we create an editorial plan, define subject areas that we would like to fill with attractive content and plan the perfect content for your target group.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization improves the content and structure of your website. These measures make your pages more user-friendly for both search engines and your visitors.

Off-page optimization

With off-page optimization, all measures relating to the reputation and authority of your site are improved. This area includes targeted link building (building backlinks to your site), social signals and other external user signals that have an impact on your rankings. External platforms such as business directories and company entries are also being optimized.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about loading times, crawlability and indexing your website. A clean, well-indexed and technically flawless website is the basis for good SEO results. If this point is not 100%, it will be difficult in the future (or it is already the reason for bad rankings).

Analytics & reporting

With the data that we gain with the help of professional tools (Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Majestic, Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, Google Search Console), you will receive a monthly progress report with verifiable performance and clearly measurable results.

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